Paul G. Reitz Theater in DuBois, PA


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Blasts from the Past:
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Morisot Reclining (2017)
Morisot Reclining cast b&w
Gene Deible, Deb Grieve, Curt London, Sara Zil, Kris Haenes

Gene as Manet in Morisot Reclining
Gene Deible as Manet in the final scene of Morisot Reclining


Seussified Christmas Carol (2016)
Scrooge and Present in ASCC
The Scrooge (Darius Clement) is bewildered by a Christmas Present (Dave Nagale III)

Fred's party in ASCC
Party games at Fred's (Val, Julia, Bella, Emily, Ashley, Tom)


Laughter on the 23rd Floor (2011)
Laughter on the 23rd Floor
Fake news!


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